Be the Support:

We support women affected by homlessness or domestic abuse 

The risk of homelessness or domestic abuse is a devastating reality for many women and their families, and it is important that those who know someone suffering from such risks take action to support and help them.

Mothers Hands protecting the baby's feet

If you know someone who is experiencing domestic abuse, it is important to approach the situation with sensitivity and understanding. Here are a few tips on how to support someone who is experiencing abuse:

  • Listen to them and believe them. Abusive situations can be complex and difficult to understand, but it is important to trust and validate the feelings and experiences of the person you are supporting.
  • Provide them with information about resources and services that can help, such as our domestic refuge referral center.
  • Let them know that they are not alone and that help is available.
  • Encourage them to seek professional support.

Our charity also supports refuge referrals for women from the BAME community. We understand the importance of cultural sensitivity and providing support in a safe and welcoming environment. Our team can help signpost victims to appropriate refuges and provide guidance and support every step of the way.