Supporting women affected by domestic abuse and


Hiba Foundation is a registered charity in the United Kingdom focused on aiding to relieve poverty, homelessness, hardship, physical, emotional and domestic abuse of women and (or) their children, who are socially and economically disadvantaged.

We offer refuges, safe houses and emergency accommodations with advice and support to victims at risk of such abuse.

We also work with other charities, local authorities and statuatory organisations to help build awareness about domestic abuse and homlessness towards women and children.

We believe in a world where abuse towards any woman, girl, child or human for that matter irrespective of religion or culture is obsolete.

What we do?

Our specially trained team of female support workers listen to women and (or) their children who have been affected by homelessness or domestic abuse.

We don’t judge and provide confidential advice on getting you into safe accommodation quickly and safely.

Remember, you’re not alone and we’re here to help.

What is a refuge?

A refuge or “shelter” is a room in a shared house where women and children who have suffered domestic abuse can stay safe.

Most of the time, you will be given a private and clean en-suite room but this depends on the type of property the charity has available at the time.


What is the process?

You can refer yourself by contacting us or someone can ring on your behalf. We will discuss your requirements over the phone and allow you to ask us any questions.

A more detailed admission and risk assessment process is completed once you arrive at an accommodation or refuge by a support worker.

We are committed to helping women and children across the world

With so much injustice in the world, Hiba Foundation is committed to carrying out work that supports both women, girls and children across the world.

Who we are

Hiba Foundation is a UK registered charity that provides advice, refuge and a path to freedom for women and (or) their children suffering from hardship, homelessness, emotional, physical and domestic abuse.

We also run a hotline that connects women to a range of services including emergency shelters, support groups, legal assistance and advocacy. These resources aim to protect and empower domestic abuse victims to rebuild their lives.

Our Mission

Building stronger and safer communities one family at a time.

We offer support to victims including prevention, crisis support and early help. Our goal is to offer you advice or refer you to accommodation and support providers even if you have no right to live permanently in the UK or to claim welfare benefits (this is termed “no recourse to public funds”).